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Watch below: Rural Idaho & Outdoor Recreation Testing Symposium

 webinar which took place on June 11th, 2020.

The Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association hits a homerun with Part 1 of their Rural Idaho and Outdoor Recreation Testing Symposium Webinar (more. If you are a business owner or health care provider in small town Idaho, and have been considering the possibilities of testing, then this webinar is for you. This webinar took place on June 11th, 2020 and is meant to represent the current reality of Coronavirus Testing in Idaho, as it stood on that date. You will need to invest the time, about an hour and 45 minutes worth. You will hear from the panel of experts listed below.


Panelists included:


- Dr. Chris Ball, Bureau Chief & Laboratory Director of the Idaho Bureau of Laboratories, Pathology Specialist

- Dr. Jim Souza, Head of Governor’s Testing Taskforce, Chief Medical Officer for St. Luke's Health System

- Tina Upson, Executive Director of Crush the Curve Idaho - Dr. Matthew Dawson, MD and Founder & CEO of Wild Health - Elke Shaw-Tulloch, MHS, Administrator Division of Public Health with Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

- Aaron Lieberman, Executive Director of Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association, and Guide

- Steve Zettel, Idaho Outfitter, Leader of O-19 Taskforce of IOGA

- Jeff Bitton, President of the Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association, and Outfitter

- Dr. Kris K. Carter, DVM, MPVM, DACVPM, Career Epidemiology Field Officer, CDC Epidemiology Program and Immunization Program, Bureau of Communicable Disease Prevention

- Jeanie Gentry, CEO of Steele Memorial Medical Center, in Salmon, Idaho



This information is for informative and reference purposes only, and IOGA and the O-19 Task Force make no representation that the contents of this webinar, including any written materials, will protect any legal rights or satisfy any legal obligations, including but not limited to your personal or corporate liabilities. In order to protect your legal rights and ensure that you are satisfying your legal obligations, you should consult an attorney. This information, including all verbal and written content, is not provided as legal advice to you, and should not be relied on as such.


Additionally, the information in this section is in a state of constant change. It is aggregated here for reference, but it is each individual’s sole responsibility to confirm any and all information upon which they are relying. Outfitters should take care to confirm that the information regarding state and local orders/guidelines, as well as those of any management authority/agency is up-to-date and applicable in relation to their own specific operation.

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